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Articles and Presentations by Dr. Kelly Lambert

Interview on CBS News

How busy hands can alter our brain chemistry, interview with Dr. Kelly Lambert; March 18th, 2018


Online Lectures

What is biological psychology or behavioral neuroscience? 

How do parenting and the environment affect brain development?

Teaching biological psychology

Brain scene investigations, illustrations, and other features of Biological Psychology

The importance of learning about the brain

Women in STEM Speaker Series, 2016: "The Neurobiology of Real Life: Lessons from Rats, Brains and Never-ending Uncertainties." 

IBNS Symposium Lecture, 2014: "The Effects of Natural and Artificial Environments on Biomarkers of Emotional Resilience."


Media pieces highlighting research from the Lambert Lab

The Times of IndiaBe Your Own Prozac, (Oct 26, 2014). 

The Washington PostWith exposure to babies, rodent dads’ brains, like moms’ become wired for nurture (June 13, 2013). 

Big Picture ScienceOh Rats! (2012).

Articles written for more mainstream sources:

The University of Richmond Magazine. The Grand Experiment: Are our brains outsmarting themselves? A Richmond researcher and her rats say maybe. By Caroline Kettlewell (2018).

The Hollywood Reporter. Why Hollywood Insiders Aren't Equipped to Deal with Anxiety, by Dr. Lambert (2018).

Aleteia. Your Brain is Happier When You Do This Type of Work, by Calah Alexander (2018).   

Family Circle, Make Time for Painting, Interview with Dr. Lambert (2018).

Gymratz Cartoon, inspired by the neuroscience research of Dr. Lambert (2018).
A big thanks to Karen Roehr, Associate Professor in the Dept of Art and Design, Univ of Massachusetts, Lowell, for including our work in her clever GymRatz comic strip!


New York Times,Santa on the Brain  (Dec 21, 2013).

Santa on the brain

Santa on the brain

Scientific American Mind-A Tale of 2 Rodents. Rats teach a neuroscientist lessons of love-or at least sex (September 30, 2011).

New York Post, Rats! (July 10, 2011).

The Washington Post review of The Lab Rat Chronicles (June 13,2011) .

National Geographic Radio "Weekend" interview with Boyd Matson(June 13,2011).

Journal of Visualized Experiments: Using a Comparative Species Approach to Investigate the Neurobiology of Paternal Responses (Sept. 19,2011).

Whole Living, Body + Soul, DIY Therapy: How Handiwork Can Treat Depression (June 2010).

Wisconsin Public Radio's  'To the Best of our Knowledge',  Kelly Lambert on the Healing Power of Craft (Oct. 4, 2009)

Scientific American Mind, Depressingly Easy (2008).

Scientific American MindBrain Stains: Traumatic therapies can have long-lasting effects on mental health.
Kelly Lambert and Scott Lilenfeld (October 2007).

The Observer (UK)  Want to boost your brain power? Just have a baby (January 2006).