Publications by Dr. Kelly Lambert 

Dr. Lambert has written a variety of books, articles and publications for both popular and scientific audiences. 


Dr. Lambert has written two mainstream books Lifting Depression:  A neuroscientist’s hands on approach to activating your brain’s healing power and The Lab Rat Chronicles: A neuroscientist reveals life lessons from the planet’s most successful mammals and a third is in press. She authored the textbook Biological Psychology and co-authored Clinical Neuroscience:  The neurobiological foundations of mental health.

Popular Articles

Dr. Lambert has written articles about her research for publications such as Scientific American Mind, The New York Post, and The New York Times, and she has been interviewed on many radio shows including National Geographic Radio Show, the Martha Stewart Radio Show, Public Radio’s To the Best of our Knowledge.

Scientific Publications

Dr. Lambert has published (along with her students and colleagues) over 60 articles in journals such as Nature, Stress, Neuroscience, Physiology and Behavior and Brain Research and has made approximately 140 conference presentations at national and international conferences.